Our fifth SIETAR Polska Congress came to a close on 13th October after two full days of stretching, chatting, questioning, listening and learning. Highlights of this year’s edition of Congress include: over 25 program items taking place over 2 days; guests and presenters from over 10 countries; inspiring and memorable opening keynote given by Tatyana Fertelmeyster; a special 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner complete with stories from founding and pioneer members Radek Walentynowicz, Basia Bartczak and Michalina Konkel; and, of course, the radiant autumn colors and spirit of the historic Krzyżowa Foundation.

Some comments about the Congress from participants:


I renewed my own energy.”

The small group was a highlight as it was possible to get to meet almost everyone.”

Exchange knowledge/skills, warm atmosphere, place, PEOPLE!!!”

Tatyana’s speech and the amazing peer workshops.”

What could be done differently?

Cheaper prices for people of a lesser income.”

Better communication before congress.”

Although the venue was amazing, the challenge to get to it was/is something to consider in the future. “

In connection with the promotion of SIETAR Polska and the Congress to a wider audience, Tatyana was engaged in workshops in Warsaw:

Men, Women and Misunderstandings” workshop delivered to participants of the Mentoring Programme of Fundacja Liderek Biznesu

Dealing with Difficult People, Difficult Issues, and Difficult Moments” skill training for educators of the POLIN Museum.

A round of important acknowledgements and applause is due for those who volunteered their time to make the Congress happen ,including the programme, Gala Dinner, Farewell Party, Shuttle Bus, and numerous other details that made the event run smoothly:

Malwina Bakalarska, Kinga Białek, Ludmila Biernacka, Kuang Yi Chao + Julia, Monika Guzek, Ania Kawalska, Bastian Kuntzel, Mik Kuczkiewicz and Dawid Rutkowski.

We also wish to acknowledge Estoria Marketing Agency (http://estoria.pl/) for helping with the graphic work.

Thank you to all the participants for joining the Congress at Krzyżowa and making it inspirational!