Keynote Speaker

Tatyana Fertelmeyster

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, came to the United States in 1989 as a refugee. Being a journalist by training, she went back to school in the US and became a mental health counselor. Tatyana’s work experience included refugee resettlement and counseling for Russian- and English-speaking individuals, families, and groups before becoming an intercultural and diversity consultant and trainer.

Founder and Principal of Connecting Differences, Tatyana is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in Intercultural Competence, Diversity and Inclusion, Global Agility Development, and Facilitation for Multicultural Groups. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Tatyana is proud of her unofficial title of a Chief Clarity Officer. Her practice of Spontaneous Facilitation supports Tatyana’s ability to engage and sustain engagement through challenging moments and interactions. Her clients appreciate her intense attention to meaning-making with individuals and groups, non-defensive listening, and ability to effectively articulate insights. Tatyana always brings to her very serious work her sense of humor, wit, and a bit of stand-up comedy.


Dr Malwina Bakalarska, Intercultural Trainer, Cross-Cultural Researcher and Multiculturalism Consultant. She cooperates with the European Academy of Diplomacy, the Polish-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Link Poland. Member of the expert boards at the „Diversity Hub” and „ThinkTank. Centre for Dialogue and Analysis”. Initiator and head of the research project „Africans in Asia. China and Malaysia as the new Destinations for Nigerian Migrations” sponsored by the National Science Center, Poland and affiliated to the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of The Polish Academy of Sciences. Passionate of „Ethno-Orient” design, West African contemporary ballet, Asian ink painting and Mandarin Chinese language. She serves also as a media commentator on African social affairs (TVN 24, Polsat News 2, Radio TokFM; Polish Radio: channels: 1, 2, 3, 4). Listed on database.

Dr Barbara Bartczak, Intercultural Expert and Diversity Management Consultant. She enjoys connecting people from all over the world and visiting new places. For Barbara, being an intercultural trainer and consultant is a big adventure, which has brought her to many places. It has given her the opportunity to work with international clients and support them to improve their efficiency in international cooperation. And she loves it! She has provided intercultural and communication trainings in Poland, Germany, India, Thailand and also Singapore. She has authored publications on intercultural communication and articles on cross-cultural differences. She is currently living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. She is very excited about her current business challenge is to train the next generation of intercultural trainers in the European Institute for Intercultural Development (

Lucia Bernabei is an Italian professional currently living in Krakow. She's been in the corporate recruitment industry for 3+ years and currently works as a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Hays, where she is accountable for full life-cycle recruiting projects, covering different countries in the EMEAR region. Apart from being a recruiter, Lucia supports her Team by providing training on processes, stakeholder management and intercultural communication. She holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations (La Sapienza – Rome), a MA in Diplomacy & Intercultural Studies (Collegium Civitas – Warsaw) and a postgraduate diploma in International HM Management (Wroclaw University). In her personal and professional life Lucia strongly supports intercultural encounters and tries to avoid assumptions, stereotypes and prejudices. She believes that a vivid intercultural approach is the most effective strategy in any international environment to create a common ground to understand, communicate and find a favourable agreement. Lucia loves people development and empowerment, diversity and a good glass of wine 🙂

Kinga Białek is a cross-cultural psychologist and is certified by the Polish Psychological Association as a group trainer. Since 2000, Kinga has been specialising in cross-cultural training and consultancy services, which aim to develop cross-cultural competence. She operates in the business, non-profit, academic and public sectors in both Poland and abroad. She specialises in building dialogue between people with different cultural backgrounds, in strengthening the capabilities of migrating people (expats, migrants, refugees) and in making cross-cultural cooperation between people more effective and less stressful. Kinga is co-author of the first cross-cultural training manual in the Polish language for cross-cultural and intercultural trainers. She is also co-author and managing editor of the first Polish language psychological guidebook for Polish migrants returning to Poland. She is a long-time member of SIETAR Polska, and has been a board member since 2015 and Vice President from 2017. She is a national representative at the Radicalization Awareness Network in the Health and Social Care Working Group (RAN CoE, H&SC), where she participates as an expert on cross-cultural integration as a means to prevent radicalization.

Kinga Białek, psycholog międzykulturowa i trenerka umiejętności psychologicznych, certyfikowana przez Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne. Od 2000 roku zajmuje się prowadzeniem szkoleń i programów, które nastawione są na rozwój kompetencji międzykulturowej. Pracuje dla sektorów biznesowego, non-profit, akademickiego i publicznego, w Polsce i zagranicą.

Kinga specjalizuje się w budowaniu dialogu pomiędzy osobami o różnym pochodzeniu kulturowym, we wzmacnianiu potencjału osób migrujących (ekspatów, migrantów, uchodźców) oraz we wspieraniu efektywności we współpracy międzynarodowej. Posiada ponad 17 lat doświadczenia w prowadzeniu szkoleń, analizy potrzeb szkoleniowych i ewaluacji procesu szkoleniowego.

Jest współautorką pierwszego w języku polskim podręcznika dla trenerów międzykulturowych. Jest także współautorką i redaktorką pierwszego w języku polskim psychologicznego poradnika dla Polaków powracających do Polski z pobytu na emigracji (re-emigranci).

Jest zaangażowaną członkinią SIETAR Polska; od 2015 roku zasiada w jego Zarządzie, a od 2017 służy SIETAR Polska jako Wice-Prezeska. Kinga jest także krajową reprezentantką w sieci Radicalization Awareness Network, działającej przy Komisji Europejskiej, w której wspólnie z ekspertami z całej Europy, przygotowuje programy i projekty mające na celu przeciwdziałanie radykalizacji.

Christian A. Dumais is an American media consultant, writer and comedian living in Poland. His work has been featured in numerous outlets over the last two decades, including CNN, MTV, Comedy Central and more. His books include the short story collection Empty Rooms Lonely Countries and Smashed: The Life and Tweets of Drunk Hulk - based on the successful Twitter feed, @DRUNKHULK. 

Patrycja Paula Gas, anthropologist, storyteller, social and intercultural competences trainer, lecturer (UJ, KUL). Author of the book „Dajakowie – wolni ludzie z Borneo”, WUJ 2017 („The Dayaks – free folk of Borneo”) based on two years fieldwork in Indonesia. Co-funder of Foundation NAUSIKA promoting alternative education. Currently engaging in PhD research on how common narration can build multicultural community (fieldwork in Sweden). Working with Erasmus+ programme (mostly in Poland, Germany and Sweden) designing trainings using storytelling and gamification techniques.

Tatiana Gavrilova is a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Certified Facilitator, trained by Robert Rasmussen, the Association of Master Trainers leader. Tatiana is educated in languages and business, her MBA dissertation deals with effectiveness of soft skills' training transfer and culture change. Tatiana is a dedicated business facilitator, enthusiastic about experiential learning and agile development, change and cross cultural contexts. She is also an experienced senior manager, coach and mentor, as she has been leading international manufacturing site projects, and also an experienced educator, as she has been working as a university tutor. Now she is delivering corporate strategy sessions, developing and coaching teams, using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, design thinking and experiential facilitation techniques, delivering train-the-trainer and language courses internationally.

Eileen Gricuk is one of ten siblings and knows what it is like to collaborate in an important group and yet remain individual. As a PCC accredited coach, she brings the balance of the me/us/it perspectives to her work with clients. She has coached leaders in multinational environments across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and North America on their leadership development, as well as teams and relationship systems. In addition to coaching, she currently acts as Executive Director of the Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, and President of SIETAR Polska. She is a proud Fellow of the Intercultural Communication Institute, Portland, OR.

Ela Kinowska is a photographer, film producer and culture animator. In 1990 Ela emigrated to Canada. She currently lives in three places: Ottawa (Canada), Sopot (Poland) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Ela has been photographing for the last 35 years and has presented her photographs at many individual and collective exhibitions, including Canada, Mexico, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Colombia. In 2008, Ela produced a film for Canadian Television "And who are you?", addressing the issue of national identity in Canada. Currently, she is a co-producer of the Canadian documentary about Andrzej Wajda "Wajda i Ty". In 2017, Ela co-produced the flagship Canadian project "The Red Couch Tour" for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada with Piotr Sobierajski. Together, they traveled across Canada with a red sofa and invited Canadians to answer one question: "What does Canada mean to you?" "The Red Couch Tour" project was the subject of many presentations with audiences in Canada and Poland, including the Museum of Emigration in Gdynia and the Public Library in Gdańsk.

Michalina Konkel I’m consultant and trainer in areas of managerial and leadership competences in intercultural context, espiecially cooperation with India. My mission is to bring human spirit at work during organizational transformation. I was holding a position of president of SIETAR Polska (2013-2015), where I’ve built a team of trainers ready for intercultural challenges.

Clients, whose processes I supported, especially in intercultural context, come from SSC, IT and financial institutions: IBM, Motorola, Arcelor Mittal, Infosys, Ernst & Young, Danone, PANDORA Jewelery, ABB, KRUK, Heineken. I enjoy support growth of others, identify new ways of development and broadening their perspectives. I’m a great fan of Indian cuisine and travelling.

Bastian Küntzel is an innovative facilitator, trainer and coach that creatively pushes the boundaries of mainstream approaches to learning. He facilitates learning at the intersection of culture, communication and management. Bastian has been involved in the training field since 1998, having started as a volunteer in an international youth organisation. He holds a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication and Adult Education and now works globally with clients such as the United Nations, Credit Suisse, Google, Ernst&Young, ABB, HP, IBM, Daimler and IKEA. Bastian works with international organisations and companies in developing, designing and implementing training programmes and events. Each training concept and activity is custom made to fit the group, their situation and the challenges they face. Together with his clients, he finds solutions, addresses challenges constructively and equips their teams with the competences necessary to be successful in international, diverse and complex environments.

Magdalena Kusojc is an experienced trainer, coach and business practitioner with over 15 years of experience in international business working with different markets: Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the Middle East. She has a strong professional record in people leadership, training and development, change management, and organizational culture development. As a coach, she focuses on cultural and relocation coaching, as well as business and career coaching. Her expertise is long distance working and managing multinational and virtual teams. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and is appreciated for presenting her experience in a warm, amusing and thought-provoking manner. Magdalena has lived and worked in Norway, England and Saudi Arabia. She is a devoted traveler across cultures, be it national cultures or various environments.

Ian Maloy is a trainer who has been working mostly with volunteers since 2006 including with the European Voluntary Service programme, helping volunteers to reflect upon their inter- and trans-cultural experiences, as well as specialising in the themes of classism, austerity, homelessness, men's issues and the history of the Nazis. He is from Wrocław (where he has been living since 2008), while being born in Wales and having lived in England, France, and Germany (where he largely works). His identities are that of trainer, father, husband, allotment gardener, heavy metal fan, singer, football fan, from the under-class, bird watcher and future Martian.

Katarzyna Molęda Trainer and business consultant, public speaker, Co-Founder of Enterculture. As a sociologist and Scandinavian Studies expert, she integrates in her work social, behavioural and neuroscientific perspective. Katarzyna is a former diplomat, author of a bestselling book about Swedish culture „Swedes. Warm in the north” and articles in magazines. Lives in Stockholm.

Teresa Mroczek, trener międzykulturowy, przeprowadza szkolenia i warsztaty w języku polskim, angielskim, francuskim i hiszpańskim. Z 15-letnim doświadczeniem życia i pracy w krajach różnorodnych kulturowo, specjalizuje się w budowaniu efektywnej współpracy Polaków za granicą z jednostkami i organizacjami mającymi odmienne uwarunkowania językowe, kulturowe i światopoglądowe. Współpracuje nad rozwojem diversophy®, międzykulturowego narzędzia szkoleniowego.

Teresa Mroczek, an intercultural trainer and coach, works in Polish, English, French and Spanish, specializing in diversity management in the workplace. With 15-years of living and working experience in several countries, currently based in France, she is dedicated to solving challenges and building effective cooperation of Poles abroad with individuals and organizations having different languages, cultures and worldviews. She collaborates in the development of the intercultural training tool series, diversophy®.

Aleksandra Passendorfer is a social psychologist, international mediator and business trainer specialising in intercultural communication and negotiation. She designs and delivers bespoke training on interpersonal skills, working with clients of different cultures and professional ethics. She is inspired by the human potential when working on team building and team integration assignments. Other activity she is engaged in include creating and running sessions on negotiation techniques, emotional intelligence, communication and influence on demanding clients. She is a graduate of SWPS University, Polish Mediation Center and TROP School for Trainers. Privately she is an avid lover of brush, paint and canvas.

Piotr Pluta is an organizational psychologist, consultant and works as a managing director of a Norwegian HR consultancy: Human Factors. The company is behind Norway’s leading test tool: the Diversity Icebreaker. Piotr also delivers workshops and lectures on Norwegian culture. He is also involved in a number of research projects investigating humor and is dedicated to popularization of psychology of humor (he writes the blog and gives lectures on the topic, e.g. TEDx).

Dawid Rutkowski works as a consultant in the IT sector. Currently supporting regional PM and Account Manager functions in a shared services organization. Multicultural experience gained working in multinational corporations in the financial, chemical and FMCG industries. Carried out projects in the Balkan countries, North and South Africa, and the Middle East. As a board member of Sietar Polska, Dawid brings his passion for developing multicultural skills as well as his many years of experience in corporate support services and the professionalisation of financial management. He believes that intercultural dialogue is the future of modern societies. Privately, a happy husband and dad of two wonderful sons. An avid photographer and traveler.

Barbara StClaire-Ostwald has pursued an international career working for multinationals and IFIs in the Private, Public and Not for Profit Sectors such as the European Union, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Arco Morocco and Transport for London. She has lived and worked in Continental Europe and North Africa and recently returned to Poland. She specializes in global executive coaching and facilitating the strategic management training of international teams.

George Simons created the award-winning diversophy® game series for developing intercultural competence. Living in France, he delivers consulting, coaching, and training worldwide. Publications include: EuroDiversity, Men and Women: Partners at Work, Seven Ways to Lighten your Life, Putting Diversity to Work, and eight Cultural Detective® intercultural guides. Currently he helps develop pro bono acculturation tools for migrants and the communities that receive them.

Ewa Tomczak, Design Thinking facilitator and business trainer with a rich background in marketing and communication. Ewa has over 7 years of experience in running business training and workshops. Many organizations have benefited from her support during initiating, planning and implementing improvements, optimizing organizational structure, introducing new products to the market and creating coherent marketing strategies. She helps companies that aim at enhancing the employees' engagement, exercising the potential of interdisciplinary teams and unleashing the power of creative methods.

Anna Zubrzycki is director of the Mindfulness Association Poland. She has studied and practiced meditation since 1993, completing the MA Mindfulness at Aberedeen University Scotland and its teacher training program. She a trainer and supervisor of all the courses certified by the Mindfulness Association UK. Anna was co-founder and and principal actor of Song of the Goat theatre , Wroclaw, Poland 1996-2014 and Course Leader of the MA Acting at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has formed the Voices Foundation  producing performances, community projects and Mindfulness training and continues to lead an extensive training program for actors in Wroclaw, at the Warsaw Theatre Acadamy, and collaborates with the Zurich University of the Arts.