Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research

Are you or do you want to become a specialist in the field of interculturality? Do you conduct scientific research? Do you like to travel and share your experience? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur interested in cultural diversity?

If you are interested in issues of intercultural differencies, you are trying to understand the world and if you want to meet interesting people who share your interests, join SIETAR Polska!


Our members are intercultural trainers, researchers, entrepreneurs, everybody interested in and passionate about intercultural topics. Each year we organize meetings and congress in Poland. Each two years we participate in Congress SIETAR Europa, where the experts from around the world present the latest news from the field od interculturality. During the meetings with local groups we share the knowledge and experience, we host eperts and carry out different projects.

In addition, there are two thematic groups: trainers and research, which are aimed at the development of our members. Learn how to join the local group SIETAR in your city and immerse yourself in a sea of possibilities offered by the organization! Make it with us!


Establishment of SIETAR in the USA
The SIETAR association was established in 1974 in USA by a group of enthusiasts with a passion in intercultural issues.
Formation of SIETAR International
The association was growing fast and was gaining more support, not only in the US, but also abroad.
Formation of SIETAR Polska
Since then, 5 local and 4 thematics groups have been created. The organization has about 100 members.


Mission Statement

Our Mission:

SIETAR Polska champions and promotes interculturalism and the creative potential of diversity in social, business and educational spheres so as to contribute to sustainable peace and prosperity in the world.

Our Backbone:

We are guided by the values of respect, openness, transparency, and community.

Our Goals and how we achieve them in 2017-2019:

Foster and strengthen quality in the intercultural professions in Poland.

To achieve this, we:

    • Create, maintain and promote a code of ethics for the intercultural professions that members are invited to voluntarily sign-up to
    • Create a framework to describe quality in intercultural trainings
    • Host a congress in 2018 to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas for professional development of members and other professionals, as well as building contact networks
    • Offer quarterly webinars by topic experts to all SPL members for building competencies (TBC)
  • Support the Trainers Group as a place for members to develop intercultural training skills

Nurture a fertile environment for interculturalists in Poland.

To achieve this, we:

    • Hold local F2F meetings for members to mutually learn and discuss relevant topics
  • Provide the INFORMATOR newsletter to update members on bi-weekly basis

Actively contribute to a culture of openness and respect for diversity in Poland.

To achieve this, we:

  • Support UCHO Group as a place for members to engage in community projects

Engage in the global community of interculturalists.

To achieve this, we:

    • Participate on the board of SIETAR Europa to engage in and support mutual projects, and share information


  • Participate in the SIETAR Global Connect group to exchange information, share best practices and support new SIETAR groups forming


SIETAR is created by people,

people with a passion to develope their intercultural competences. Among us, you can find: researchers, academics, consultants, trainers, employees of Polish and international companies, entrepreneurs, students, former refugees and migrants, expats, re-emigrants and Poles abroad.