We want to exchange knowledge, carry out joint research projects and interdisciplinary work.

Among SIETAR members we have famous Polish scientists, as well as many talented doctors, doctorals, masters, graduate students and practitioners in the field of interculturalism. Thanks to a wide range of professionals we have a huge and unique resource of knowledge and research experience. But acting alone does not make full use of our potential. By working together we will be able to share knowledge, conduct joint research projects, prepare joint publications, conferences or workshops. We also have this chance that SIETAR associates researchers from different disciplines who can share and teach each other from new perspectives and we can analize thoroughly and interdisciplinary issues of interculturalism.

If you have the desire and you are interested, then we welcome you to work in the newly reactivated SIETAR Research Group.



Weronika Trybuś


We welcome everybody, students, professionals or simply interested ones, who want to broaden their knowledge about intercultural issues like communication problems in international corporations or adaptation of refugees.