Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research

UCHO Group was founded in autumn 2015 in response to the challenges of opening up of Europe to accept refugees. The aim of the group is an active reflection on the current situation of migration in Poland and in Europe, as well as engaging in other activities to promote peace and intercultural dialogue. We have 21 members, which the most active are 8-10 members.

We meet on Skype 3-4 times a month.

In the group there are people who deal both privately and professionally with migration, and members with experience in forced migration.



  • First of all, we talk about the refugees, we share our knowledge, emotions, reflections with a purpose to undestend better current changes in migration.

  • We conduct the action #rozmawiam (‘I talk’) which is aimed to share the knowledge and information about the efforts with and for refugees, to create the space to communicate freely. You can join at any time, in any medium, by typing #rozmawiam and sharing knowledge / reflections associated with refugees and intercultural dialogue.

  • We have a mailing list where we share news about refugees, migrations and intercultural competence.

  • We participate in various initiatives to build the intercultural dialogue, eg. in the initiative “Day of Solidarity with Refugees” 15/10/2015 through the promotion of our action #rozmawiam, also by signing a letter from NGOs to Prime Minister to foster an integration of refugees in Poland.

  • We write and we apply for grants (among others Anna Lindh Foundation’s Grants, European Found for Asylum, Migration and Integration, Wroclaw Municipality Founds). We dream of carrying out the project in accordance with the objectives of SIETAR Polska!

  • We prepare a quiz about refugees.

  • We participate in thematic webinars and meetings, for example from the SIETAR Austria webinar ?Resettlement of refugees? we know that there are 59 mln of refugees in the world, while 86% of them are present in developing countries (Global South). It gives us a broader perspective to discuss.

  • We collect needs for donations for refugees. We are looking for opportunities. We help in donations that are already organized. At any time you can deliver donations to the center for female refugees in Targówek – especially hygiene products.



Kinga Białek


We welcome everybody, students, professionals or simply interested ones, who want to broaden their knowledge about intercultural issues like communication problems in international corporations or adaptation of refugees.

We wil answer all your questions!

Contact us! Message title: Grupa UCHO.