The SIETAR Polska Congress is already coming closer and closer on the horizon. It?s going to be an amazing experience for everyone who will be there.

But for many people it already IS an experience: The Organising Team. We want to introduce a few of them as we approach the SIETAR Polska Congress 2016 in Wroclaw.

Aneta Długopolska-Mikonowicz:

I volunteer for SIETAR because I believe that intercultural competence can help us to co-operate better globally in many aspects: social, political and economically. If we want to build stronger communities locally, we can benefit tremendously from sharing international experiences and knowledge.

My hope for the congress is that it will trigger positive action and be a space where representatives from different areas can co-operate and learn from each other.

All this time and energy that I invest into the congress is a pleasure for me as I learn from wonderful, engaged and open-minded international experts. This will be a powerful event with top quality audience and content. I am really proud of what we have created so far.

I really enjoyed when we achieved exactly what we planned in the first face-to-face meeting with the team after so many months of only virtual co-operation. The diversity of the team is our strength. We approach tasks so differently and get things done so differently, but in the end the results are just much better than what anyone could have achieved on their own.

Do you want to enjoy the fruits of Aneta?s labour? The SIETAR Polska Congress is on the 25th and 26th of November in Wroclaw. Here is the programme and here you can register.

There will be a great Pre-Congress Day with special trainings, learn more here. After the Congress will be an Open Space about ?How to build DiverCity??