anna-zelnoThe SIETAR Polska Congress is already coming closer and closer on the horizon. It?s going to be an amazing experience for everyone who will be there.

But for many people it already IS an experience: The Organising Team. We want to introduce a few of them as we approach the SIETAR Polska Congress 2016 in Wroclaw.

Anna Zelno

I’ve been volunteering for SIETAR for over 10 years already and I had the honor to be one of the co-founders of SIETAR Polska. Therefore, this Congress is for me the natural consequence of my commitment not only to SIETAR but also to the community of interculturalists across the world. I firmly believe that our world needs more intercultural sensitivity and competence.

Being Head of Congress Organising Team is for me also a great test of my leadership skills especially coordintaing a diverse team of talented volunteers remotely. I enjoy a lot working with engaged colleagues and friends with intercultural background and with similar passion as mine but with different perspectives and experience.

I hope, that during our Congress we can create space not only for networking but we can also change a bit some paradigms of work interculturalists do.

Over ten years ago I had a dream to become intercultural trainer, today I work as talent and diversity consultant where delivering intercultural training is part of my job. I’m happy that I can share my knowledge and experience within the Pre Congress Workshop and inspire people.

Especially now in Poland there is a need of rising intercultural awareness across every sector and this is also the objective of our congress. We hope to make an imapct on local society in a long term perspective.


Find out more about offer of the Congress SIETAR Polska 2016 here.