The SIETAR Polska Congress is already coming closer and closer on the horizon. It?s going to be an amazing experience for everyone who will be there.

But for many people it already IS an experience: The Organising Team. We want to introduce a few of them as we approach the SIETAR Polska Congress 2016 in Wroclaw.

First up: Eileen Gricuk

Work on the Congress so far has meant many things- evenings on skype calls, and hundreds of messages, all taking place across borders and languages.  It?s also been the melding of ideas, making new friends and immersion in a living laboratory of diversity at work.  Exhausting? Yes. Fiery discussions? Yes. Worthwhile? Yes!  People matter to me and so does our collective future.  The SIETAR Congress is a moment that will bring people together to learn, share and re-fuel ourselves as advocates for the human side of life wherever they may be, whether it is in business, schools or neighborhoods.

Not registered for the SIETAR Polska Congress yet? No problem. Go here for more information on the programme and here to register.