Co-coaching Group

The purpose of the group is to be a collegial space to discuss issues connected with one’s work as an interculturalist. As people working in the intercultural field or in intercultural environments, we may not have a readily available go-to place to discuss issues such as dealing with difficult situations, getting new clients, sharpening our own intercultural skills, future of intercultural work, etc.


Eileen Gricuk


Hanna Buławka-Burgard

Applied Research Group

The aim of the group is to exchange approaches to intercultural research and practice across our specialist sectors and disciplines. Its applied focus means that we are looking to investigate and offer solutions to practical problems in the field of intercultural relations rather than discuss methodologies per se.

Trainer's group

Trainers Group brings together SIETAR members who provide training in the field of interculturality or are taking their first trainers steps. Our goal is to develop our skills by creating a platform (of inspiration) to exchange knowledge and experience in the direction of diffusing the idea of diversity and openness to other cultures and to create standards of intercultural training in Poland.  

We meet regularly every two months in different places in Poland. We are moving in the areas of both education and business. We completed a project for the training of volunteers during EURO 2012 with a great success and project DRIVE for success funded with the resources from the programme Youth in Action.


Julita Woźniak

Patrycja Paulina Gas

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