Aleksandra Ulka – President

Aleksandra has been passionate about intercultural communication for over 15 years. The journey started at the University of Silesia where she earned a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology specializing in communication and continued along with her professional career in international business. She is an experienced HR professional, Change Management expert, conference speaker, trainer and facilitator of Design Thinking workshops focused on identifying simple and feasible solutions to complex problems. As SAP full-time employee, she works with leadership teams of large enterprises across Europe, Africa and the Middle East on HR Transformation projects. She enjoys travelling and does travel a lot, gathering lots of lessons learned from frequent shifts between specific cultural approaches and cross-cultural ways of working.

She was a member of SIETAR Polska in 2011-2014 actively engaging and gaining new skills from the Trainers’ Group. After a few years of full dedication to her career growth and travels, she recently rejoined SIETAR in 2018 to support the organization development, serving on the board as its president.

Lucia Bernabei – Treasurer

Lucia is an Italian expat currently living in Krakow. After gaining her BA in Political Science & International Relations (Rome), she moved to Warsaw where she successfully obtained a MA in Diplomacy & Intercultural Studies. During this period, she deepened her knowledge on how intercultural differences influence international negotiations through the process of communication and applied methodologies. So, she started to read more and more about these topics!

She is a recruitment, career and training consultant. Currently working in a multinational company as a lead recruiter, she is accountable for full life-cycle recruiting projects within different countries in the EMEA region. She enjoys supporting her Team by providing training on processes, stakeholder management and intercultural communication.

Aleksandra Passendorfer – Board Member

She is a social psychologist, cross-cultural trainer and certified mediator. She graduated from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities and TROP School of Trainers. For 9 years she has been creating and conducting trainings and teambuilding activities, specializing in leadership, change, crisis and cross-cultural management for business clients like TGE, Accenture, GlaxoSmithKlime, Super-Pharm, Gtech Poland, Polish Institute of Diplomacy, Warsaw University, just to mention a few. For three years she implemented cross-cultural projects in the International Organization for Migration.

She has trained teams of NGOs in cross-cultural psychology and communication and is a board member of Society of Intercultural Educators, Trainers and Researchers. She inspires creativity in the field of shaping human potential. As a painter and art therapist, she stimulates people’s creativity through innovative techniques in business trainings and workshops. Also provide psychological support in the form of therapy, training for the certificate of a psychoanalytic psychotherapist at ISPHS.

Currently an intern at the ISPHS psychotherapy clinic in Warsaw. For more information visit

Bastian Küntzel – Vice President

Bastian is an innovative facilitator, trainer and coach that creatively pushes the boundaries of mainstream approaches to learning. He facilitates learning at the intersection of culture, communication and management. Bastian has been involved in the training field since 1998, having started as a volunteer in an international youth organisation. He holds a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication and Adult Education and now works globally with clients such as the United Nations, Credit Suisse, Google, Earnest&Young, ABB, HP, IBM, Daimler and IKEA. Bastian is the author of “The Learner’s Journey: Storytelling as a Design Principle to create powerful Learning Experiences”. Bastian works with international organisations and companies in developing, designing and implementing training programmes and events. Each training concept and activity is custom made to fit the group, their situation and the challenges they face. Together with his clients, he finds solutions, addresses challenges constructively and equips their teams with the competencies necessary to be successful in international, diverse and complex environments. Bastian teaches or taught at the Ruhr University Bochum, the University of Erfurt and the University of Wroclaw.


LATA 2017 - 2018

  prezes: Eileen Gricuk
  wiceprezes: Kinga Białek
  skarbnik: Dawid Rutkowski
  członek zarządu: Bastian Küntzel
  członek zarządu: Mik Kuczkiewicz

LATA 2016 - 2017

  prezes: Ewa Geresz
  wiceprezes: Eileen Gricuk
  członek zarządu: Kinga Białek
  członek zarządu: Agnieszka Kotucz
  skarbnik: Monika Karwińska

LATA 2013 - 2015

 prezes: Michalina Konkel
 wiceprezes: Katarzyna Artemiuk
 członek zarządu: Dorota Nawalaniec
 członek zarządu: Halina Wiśniewska
 skarbnik: Jakub Gałązka


 członek zarządu: Katarzyna Chrulska
 członek zarządu: Monika Jaślarz

LATA 2008 - 2010

 prezes: Monika Chutnik
 wiceprezes: Anna Zelno
 wiceprezes: Barbara Bartczak
 skarbnik: Radek Walentynowicz
 sekretarz: Dominika Łukoszek