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SIETAR Polska is pleased to invite you for Pre-Congress Development Day: Competences in professions of intercultural trainers. Don?t miss that chance and register until 22nd of November!

The workshops, that will take place right before our Congress SIETAR Polska in Wrocław (on 24th of November 2016) are great complement to the main event and an excellent opportunity to develop your skills. Depending on the topic, they can be useful for more experienced trainers, as well as for those who has recently started their adventure in the field of interculturalism.


Diversity Icebreaker train-the-trainer workshop, half-day piotr-pluta-color-congress

Facilitated by Piotr Pluta ? Managing Director, Consultancy (Human Factors, AS)




The Diversity Icebreaker is a dynamic group training and development concept based on a questionnaire measuring preferences in communication, teamwork and problem-solving styles. In intercultural trainings, the Diversity Icebreaker breaks down stereotypes based on national culture, and stresses flexibility and communication skills as the bridges to explore diversity. The workshop empowers individuals and groups to esablish their own shared language and set of cultural norms to understand each other and work together effectively.

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I enjoyed [the workshop] a great deal and I felt it was a great activity to make people consider diversity in different way. Lots of humour, it was very funny (…) it kept it light but gave a lot of information.

Kelli McLoud-Schingen,

Former President of the SIETAR USA


Facilitators and trainers participating in the session will first experience a real Diversity Icebreaker workshop (first 1 h) – just the way the ?regular? participants in workshops do. It will be the starting point for the latter train-the-trainer part, during which the facilitation of DI with various groups and in different areas will be discussed in detail.

Following the workshop you will:

? be able to conduct the classic Diversity Icebreaker workshop with groups from 9 to 100 and more participants,

? as well as design follow-up group activities based on the tool;

? will gain knowledge about research and theory behind the tool;

? will become part of the ever-growing network of the DI facilitators;

? will obtain access to user-materials (PowerPoints, databases, documentation, etc.)

? get tokens for discounts for future DI orders

? get 15 Diversity Icebreaker questionnaires + extra materials (value of 315,- ?) included in the workshop fee

Register here until 22.11.2016

Contact for more information:  +47 960 49 421