Code of ethics

SIETAR Polska is proud of it’s membership, which is committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. Every member is committed to this Code and will gladly be held accountable to it. The Code was developed in a collaborative and participatory process and adapted by the General Assembly of SIETAR Polska in 2019.

Trainer Self-Assessment Tool

Continuous professional development is one of the highest priorities of ethical intercultural learning experts. SIETAR Polska has developed this self-assessment tool, which can be used either as an annual individual review, where trainers can identify their personal development opportunities and challenges, or as a preparation for a mentoring or coaching session.

Trainer Selection Questions

How to make sure that you are hiring a competent intercultural trainer? Organisations that are searching for professionals, who can support them in dealing with intercultural learning and development needs, are often unsure how to verify qualification of trainers. SIETAR Polska has developed a catalogue of questions that can help to make the right choice.

book club

SIETAR Polska recommends the following books and resources for the novice or seasoned interculturalist.

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