Our History


Establishment of SIETAR in the USA

The SIETAR association was established in 1974 in USA by a group of enthusiasts with a passion in intercultural issues.


Formation of SIETAR International

The association was growing fast and was gaining more support, not only in the US, but also abroad.


Formation of SIETAR Europa

SIETAR Europa was established in an effort to enable closer links between interculturalists within the continent. It serves as an umbrella organisation for the European SIETARs and is a forum for exchange among national SIETAR organizations and supports the establishment and development of new national SIETAR organizations.



Formation of SIETAR Polska

Established by Monika Chutnik, Dominika Łukaszek, Radosław Walentynowicz, Barbara Bartczak and Anna Zelno. Today the organization has about 65 members in Poland.