SIETAR Polska Board

SIETAR Polska is run by dedicated volunteers, who generously give their time, expertise and leadership to the organisation.

Board 2024-2026

Lidia Maria Wiśniewska

Lidia Maria Wiśniewska


Lidia’s passion as a Member of the Management Board of SIETAR Polska is to bring humanistic values to the SIETAR Polska and SIETAR Europa ecosystem. She recognizes the important role that SIETAR plays in creating an intercultural discourse that influences societies globally. Taking advantage of Poland’s rich historical experience in cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity, etc., SIETAR Polska can play a significant voice in building a deeper cultural understanding of our country and region both in Poland, in the EU, and in the World. On the other hand, Lidia also sees SIETAR as a space for dialogue and as a channel for better understanding between people born in different places on Earth.

Dr. Lidia M. WIŚNIEWSKA is an international evaluator, researcher, facilitator, and creator of internationalization and innovation strategies in higher education, as well as the author and co-author of many international interdisciplinary articles and university reports. She works as a manager for diversity and belonging, as an international relations developer in academic and non-academic environments, and in non-governmental organizations. She is an advocate of learner-centered methodology, cultural conversations, gamification, intelligent internationalization and cultural diplomacy.

For over twenty years, she has lived and worked in several countries, including Spain, Norway, Great Britain, Ukraine, South Korea, the USA and France, working with people from all over the World. She holds an international PhD in the assessment of the internationalization of higher education and research conducted in Spain, South Korea, Italy, France and the USA. She has participated in several international programs, including: Erasmus Mundus Mundusfor. Lidia is an ISO observer at the French delegation to the EU. She created the diversophy® Ambassador project, is the Manager for Communication and Community building at SIETAR France, and the Chair of the External Relations Committee at SIETAR Europa.

Anna Kawalska

Anna Kawalska

Vice President

She is an intercultural psychologist, psychosocial skills trainer, psychotraumatologist, and art therapist.

For more than twenty years, she has designed and conducted courses and workshops for diverse groups, including the non-governmental sector, public administration, uniformed services, educational and cultural institutions, and business.

She specializes in intercultural communication, working with intercultural groups, DEIB Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, social cohesion, stress and resilience building, trauma-informed care, conflict and violence prevention and resolution, and more. She teaches TOT classes to prepare cross-cultural trainers, mentors, educators, and leaders.

She works with adults, adolescents, and children. She supports people with migration and refugee experiences in establishing their lives in Poland, leading adaptation workshops and support groups. In 2008, she participated in a humanitarian mission in Georgia.

Anna cooperates with various organizations and institutions, currently with IOM—International Organization for Migration, British Council, and WCIES.

She is the author and co-author of educational materials, including the first Polish trainer’s manual for Intercultural Competence Workshops and a guide for intercultural couples, which is available in four languages.

Her mission is to foster dialogue and mutual understanding and draw on the richness of diversity. She has been working with Sietar since 2014. She appreciates what we can do together at Sietar in Poland, Europe and the world.

She is passionate about photography and loves the ocean and sea.


Agnieszka Ches

Agnieszka Ches


Agnieszka Ches, Ph.D. is a university professor and business trainer; she has expertise in cross-cultural management and global marketing.

She is a Polish citizen, and lives in Paris, where she works as an assistant professor at the Paris School of Business. She is also a researcher at the University WSB Merito Torun. She works daily in a culturally diverse environment as an instructor, business consultant, project manager and coach to international students.

For over 20 years, she has developed cultural intelligence skills through studies, research, and hands-on international projects in the Turkish, Indian, Chinese, and Omani markets. She researched consumer behavior in the Arab Peninsula and China and lived in Oman, Spain, and Italy for prolonged periods.

Dr. Ches holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Poznan University of Business and Economics (Poland), a Doctoral Diploma in Cross-cultural Translation and Communication from Universidad de Valladolid (Spain), an MBA from Helsinki School of Economics (Finland), and an MA in Spanish from Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland).

History of SIETAR Polska


Monika Guzek – President
Aleksandra Passendorfer – Vice President
Klaudia Bączyk-Lesiuk – Treasurer
Katarzyna Kucharska – Board Member
Izabela Chmiel – Board Member


Monika Guzek – President (2021-2023)
Lucia Bernabei – Vice President (2021)
Aleksandra Passnedrofer – Vice President (2021-2023)
Alicja Kuciel – Treasurer (2021)
Małgorzata Musińska-Kubiś  – Treasurer (2022-2023)
Patrycja Gas – Board Member
Kuang-Yi Chao – Board Member


Aleksandra Ulka – President
Bastian Küntzel – Vice President
Lucia Bernabei – Treasurer
Monika Guzek – Board Member
Aleksandra Passendorfer – Board Member


Eileen Gricuk – President
Kinga Białek – Vice President
Dawid Rutkowski – Treasurer
Bastian Küntzel – Board Member
Mik Kuczkiewicz – Board Member